• The works of Ashoke Acharyya speak of cities, in no definitive terminology or related context for their contours look like the familiar imprints of every urban space of the globe.Currently on show and titled ‘Urbanscape’. This ‘tour’ of cities, is a task accomplished through the vehicle of colour. They are the tools employed to express the changed dimensions of modern metropolises, including Kolkata, where crooked alleys juxtapose comfortable with esplanades and malls, slums with high-rise. The light and dark hue splashed on the canvas space is held up to the contrarieties of city living, while the reds and saffrons are elements of his home sickness for his own city. The greens, surprisingly, are not urban havens, but the definition of artificial lifestyles embroiled in the urban aura. The stray moments of inner peace or escape from urbanity are visible in the artist’s acrylic lines, romancing the mystique of sheer independence.

    One has to stand before them, and tune one’s thoughts to ‘listen in’ to the conversations taking place, over the years , to get a full understanding of what Ashoke Acharyya defines as ‘urban maya ‘ in his atypical urbanscape.


    Born in Kolkata -1996

    Qualification Diploma in Painting from Rabindra Bharati ,University, Kolkata-1991 Post Graduation in painting from Faculty of Fine art M.S. University Baroda-1994 Exhibition Group M.S. University Art Gallery, Baroda -1992-94.,Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai-1994.
    Lalitkala art Gallery Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi-1995-97,.M.S. University Art Gallery, Baroda -1998.Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai-1999.Habitat Center Art Gallery -2000.Birla Academy of Art and Culture, KolkataRabindra Bhawan, New Delhi -2003. strong>Participated Rajasthan State Lalitkala Academy Annual -1993Kolkata Information Center, Kolkata-1993.Birla Academy of Art and Culture annual, Kolkata 1994AIFACS annual painting exhibition, New Delhi-1996 40th National Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Bangalore -1997. Hong kong 2003 Gallery Name is not mentioned ,Alternative art Gallery DLF, Gurgoan-2002Their story Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi-2000.Young faces Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata.Art Access the art week. Birla Academy of Art Mumbai-2000Art Auction Organised by Concerned India Foundation Mumbai-2001. Habitat Art Gallery, New Delhi-2005Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi-2004-05.

    Award Scholarship : AIFACS, new Delhi-1996National Scholarship under Ministry of H.R.D. -1997.Junior Fellowship under Minister of Tourism & Culture-1999. UNICEF, Delhi

    Collection Hongkong, London , New York, Sydney, Dubai, Cairo and various part of India and Abroad.