• Dinesh Kumar Ram

    Dinesh Kumar Ram, an artist hailing from the state of Jharkhand and based in Delhi is continuously working for last twenty years and producing such a soulful abstract art works. He has come with a fresh body of works painted in different colour, mood and emotions. The artist is deeply moved by the nature and an indigenous form he has interacted during the two decades of life.The earth has music for all those who listen. This line is a summation to all those who believe that nature is just a God gift to them. This is the line that makes all the jingoism lay to rest with regard to nature and formulate everyone to believe that nature is one of the optimum teachers you’ll ever encounter. As he believes that although, it’s not the conventional teacher but the one from which a student needs to extract the maximum.
    Similar to the views stated above, he has made his canvas talk. The body of work that are dually painted with oil colours will take you to a new world full of vibrant colours. We can always notice the light and shades on his canvas which depict the different stages of life including good-bad, happy-sad etc.
    The colour blue in the canvas depicts the sky. Itgives a picture of what should be your goal in life and how you should work harder to make sure that you reach the pinnacle to achieve success. There are bound to be obstacles in life and you are destined to fail in your life as well. It is only in this space of mind we must not forget that, “Failure is a better teacher than success but it’s seldom that it produces fruits.”
    In another portrayal the vibrant use of yellow has taken place one is instantly glued to the life that is lead in the areas where there is a drought problem. Nature has its own way of teaching us and this exposé does not do any harm to our consciousness. Yellow usually stands foroptimism and that’s exactly the message that’s been carved out from the picture. Even in the most adverse situation we need to keep a stable head on our shoulders and make sure that this worst case scenario is dealt with ease and does not arrive in future.
    In another portrayal an amalgamation of turquoise and green is taking place from both the ends. These two vibrations are joining a force to form something exceptional that gets the colour red. Red is usually a colour that depicts danger as well as love, speed as well as violence and passion as well as war. Just like what the colour depicts this picture makes a point to everyone that irrespective of what a person feels if he/she is caught in a dilemma then, things would ultimately go erroneous in the long run.

    The artist has used different shapes emphasizing on the triangle denoting the mountain which indicates the upward movement of life.Wars have always played an important role in making history an intriguing aspect in every one of the present age. Wars usually take us to the themes that involve weapons, bloodshed and actions that lead to a consequence. That’s the power the colour of red has when nature views it. The current problem in nature is pollution, global warming, and insufficient utilization of resources. The common thread in all the above stated pointers is human beings. We have been responsible in making the state of nature of what it is prevalent today. That’s the reason why the nature is crying for help as we are the culprits and it’s only us that can resurrect it. That’s exactly what the artist wants to state when he’s used red extensively.
    These eclectic mixes of exquisitely painted canvas are such a visual delight to the viewers which has a deep thought woven it to it.
    Vikash Nand Kumar