• fawad tamkanat

    He was born in Hyderabad in 1962, to a family that had artistic leanings, his father Shaz Tamkanat, was a well-known Urdu poet. Even so, Fawad did not take up art very early in his childhood. After he completed the Bachelor of Commerce degree, he enrolled for the Bachelor of Fine Arts and subsequently the Master of Fine Art programmes at The Central University in Hyderabad. His creative abilities were honed at this stage and he even received the University Gold Medal. A visit to Fawad’s studio is a unique experience. One can sense that he is an artist who is very relaxed about his work.
    He will sit and chat with you on various subjects from work to life and philosophy. There is a quiet and gentle humor underlying every story. This is a essence behind Fawad’s work-his artistic vocabulary has nothing to do with society, religion or politics but drawn directly or indirectly from his own experiences. Behind his calm exterior there is a highly perceptive eye and an intelligent mind that quickly translates the vision to narration. Fawad’ recent works is “the street culture series” which he says has taken over his life and will continue to do so for the next few years.” I am out on the street of Hyderabad, clicking pictures, observing people and thus creating many stories.” Says the artist, “we all get so busy with our own individual lives that somewhere we lose out on the real essence of life around us. We missed out on the architectural details and the socio-economics scenario, which I am discovering my lens,” he adds. Women as a subject, forms an important part of his works. The beauty of Fawad’s rendering of these faces is irresistible and demands for these works is so high that they literary fly off this artist’s easel!
    Fawad has 12 solo shows and many group exhibitions to his credit. Many of his solo exhibitions have been held overseas. Fawad participated in the international instillation TIDE, in Denmark in 1996 and worked with renowned European printmakers, he worked in-residence at the Graphic Studio in the Kjaers Museum, Denmark. His works are also displayed at the National Gallery of Modern Art and Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.