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    Madan Lal an alumnus of Government collegeof art Chandigarh, is a gifted artist who has over the years matured and coined a unique idiom, a distinctive signature style that speaks of irrepressible life force. His imagery is at once figurative, mysterious and communicable. In his vibrant compositions Raag, ras and naad come together. As forms and colors create perfect symphony the artist pays a celebratory ode to life, to his art. his forms often part animal part human communicate most resonantly, resoundingly and joyously. Both celebration and beauty are central to his works. So is knowledge seeking inspiration from Buddha the enlightened one. Only his Buddha epitomizes beauty, peace and tranquility. As he puts it “in this hard-pressed highly stressed befuddled world if I can sensitize few towards inner beauty that we are fast losing , my purpose would be served”. His works seize beauty both inner and outer evolving a dynamics of engaging aesthetics. Color palette is vibrant , effervescent. Yellows, greens, orange kissed by richness of gold. Then it dramatically turns blue turquoise et al. Employing medium of acrylics in multilayered painstaking skill he creates accomplished larger than life works, as also smaller compositions. Rich colors, carefully chosen pigments , all he reveals go a long way in creating enduring art. Sharing space with metaphysical elements in this materialistic world he asserts that we recognize through words ,tanabana of thoughts . Hence more recently he has started using calligraphic symbols. Otherwise too metaphors , exhibiting across the country at prestigious galleries, He has also displayed at Nehru centreLondon,Sweden eliciting rave response. Several awards like AIFACS millennium, al Indian millennium have come his way. Former secretary of Punjab and Chandigarh Lalit Kala academies and now Vice Chairman, of Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi

    MadanLal brings to us questioning visages of pursed lipped women and quizzing, staring eyed, regal parrots. He effuses his canvases with a selection of iridescent colours of India from forest greens to Rajasthani pinks and the ever blues of sky and mood. Amidst MadanLal’s carefully crafted imagery, we see the paraphernalia of modernity. We notice symbolic arrows and alphabetic texts. We espy the manufactured fusing with nature, and perkily prominent elements of haunting home domesticity.

    For our delight, there is a broad spectrum of kaleidoscope meaning in these essentially evocative paintings. MadanLal encourages our eyes to note images of Brahma’s bull, and slender conversational storks. As we gaze in awe, we wonder. Are we the giver or receiver of the maiden’s loving blissful gaze, the parrot questioner or the gently questioned? We are drawn in. We succumb to MadanLal’s bewitchment, to his remarkable reflections of Indian modernity. In our balmy revery we realise that MadanLal provides us with more conundrums than answers – blank speech balloons, muted phonograms. But then, why should we expect answers when life, chasing irrevocably through time, continually changes and we change with it. Painting captures moments, but revels a history. If we are lucky, paintings such as MadanLal’s can reflect us back to ourselves in new and exciting ways. less

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    Manoj’s current series, titled silent viewer is based on everyday life and people that catch his observation in the metro cities he lives in and visit, from the street vendors to the gardener with his hose, the young rag picker, the lone girl under the tree waiting in the hope of business, the bored housewife in her apartment imprisoned in her loneliness, gay couple in a statement of identity with the backdrop of the city swathed in the red heat of noise, crowd and lights, all form a part of manoj calendar. He rises floating above the city in self assessment searching his self image in the tiny mirror of his awareness.

    Mother & Child-Acrylic & oil on canvas.

    The painting depicts an urban cityscape in a fantastic way where Jantarmantar is a symbolic icon of our heritage. Safety must be in priority in our life-& we should feel safe every time as safe as a baby in her mother’s arm. Ironically a zebra is present on zebra crossing as asking their safety in forest! Blue roses have created an extra harmony in entire space along with the red architectural components-adding the symbol of peace & harmony.