• manoj kachangal

    Manoj kachangal was born in Madhya Pradesh in 1979. He took his education of fine arts from Government Institute of Fine Arts Indore, 2001 and further completed his M.F.A in in painting from Government institute of Fine Arts Indore, 2003.

    As an artist, seeking of vocabulary and content seemed to have worked in tandem for Manoj all along .Manoj’s art practice comes through as a totally non–purposive activity, evolving purely in the course of his creation .Turning creative ideas into tangible results requires very hard work and sincerity of purpose, areas where this artist has never compromised.Inspite of there pure abstract nature, the sense of unity manifest in Manoj’s paintings offers us a tension equivalent to that of a tight rope ,whereupon the practiced walker undertakes his rhythmic escapade, each rise and fall feeling like a walk intheclou