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    1972, Delhi born, Mohan Singh feels pleasure in depicting the happy youth engaged in various kinds of youthful activities – play, love, competition and soon … His trim and smart figures, group activities, racing or singing aloud, swaying in rhythm revives our zest for life. The youthful characteristic of his works creates an entirely different type of response in us than say the images of everyday life. Mohan Singh’s gradual rise in the contemporary art world has been a phenomenon. Mohan Singh has exhibited his works in some of the best galleries of the capital and outside. His works have effervescence and warmth. They tend to speak to you and make a statement abut their disposition and life.

    Youth is of course the corner stone of his works and celebrating life his credo. Mohan Singh has held eleven solo shows so far in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Japan and Germany.

    An MFA from College of Art, Delhi, Mohan Singh has been exhibiting his works right from 2000 onwards, which means breaking into the new Century from the very beginning. This incidentally was the high point of art so far as art market is concerned. But Mohan Singh was at his best when he won the best artist award in painting (1992-93), then a merit scholarship in 1993-94. 1994 was also the year when he was given the Sailoz Mukherjee Award in painting (in the College of Art, New Delhi). But he scored high marks in Bangalore when he won the Karnataka ChitrakalaParishad Award in 1995.

    In 2003 he won the South Asian Friendship Scholarship for Studies in Japan.

    Mohan Singh has been regularly showing his works with like minded artists in group shows year-after-year. He has also been participating in the various art camps/ workshops the year round – in India and overseas. His works were also shown in the RashtrapatiBhavan (Group Show) in the year 2007.

    His works have been collected by many individuals and institutions at home and abroad.



    Current Exhibition of Paintings by Yogendra Sethi on 1st Oct 2014 at India Habitat Center

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